Re-launch of the site

After a long hiatus, this Website is coming back to life. The range of our projects has grown, and so did the group. The old Website did not do justice to our collaborations and interests anymore.

We have all struggled through the COVID times, and here in Melbourne experienced at least 7 lockdowns ( who counts, anymore), with over 230 days spent within our 5km radius, and not seeing each other in flesh. A tough time. The students have been amazingly resilient, and I pay tribute to their perseverance.

We have also seen two graduations, the first ones from this group: Ivan Majic was the first PhD student primarily supervised by Martin. He has been narrowly beaten to the mark by Ehsan, who did amazing work on Geo Question Answering. I can only claim co-supervisorship there, as Prof Stephan Winter was lead supervisor. Congratulations to Ivan and Ehsan! Ehsan continues with us on a new ARC project as a research fellow - how exciting! Ivan is off to Austria, looking for postdoctoral opportunities. We are hoping to keep the collaboration going.

We are also starting a new ARC Project, contributing to the Indigenous-led exploration of the Indigenous Engineering at the World Heritage Cultural Landscape of Budj Bim, in South West Victoria. Stay tuned for more!

This is where we have tested our funky new robot for the first time in “real” conditions a few years ago. We still are trying to deepen our work with the robot, in particular supporting the Melbourne University Racing team and their venture into Autonomous Vehicles.

Autonomous Robot