PhD Opportunities in our Lab

PhD Opportunities in the Group

Our group is constantly evolving. A large cohort of students will be finishing their research soon, and we are therefore looking for new ideas, new projects, and creative young minds to join us! We are collecting expressions of interest in particular in the following domains:

  • Projects related to spatial aspects of cultural heritage preservation (as part of the ARC SRI Indigenous Engineering project): (1) Machine learning on DEM and Lidar data for the identification of ancient antropomorphic structures in landscapes; (2) Spatial structure analysis and interpretation of settlements across the landscape; and (3) Supporting archaeological storytelling through immersive geovisualisations, in particular through Virtual/Augmented reality.

We would expect high levels or of proficiency with Python/ML, spatial analysis/morphology, geomorphology and geomorphometry, and in the last case, Unity or Unreal engine visualisations for these topics.

  • Spatial Data Science and Spatial Causal Inference: An extension of a current project, we are looking to continue our work in spatial data science, with a particular interest in spatial causal inference.

We would expect high levels or of proficiency with Python, the geospatial python stack, and familiarity/interest in one of spatial statistics, network analysis, moving object analysis or similar.

But if you do not see yourself here, get in touch anyway!

Note that all scholarships at The University of Melbourne are part of a competitive process. Following your Expression of Interest, we will discuss, and correspond by email and by Zoom. If we agree that you would be a good match for the lab, you will be mentored through the process of writing a proposal. This will be then used in your application process for a scholarship (unless, of course, you have an external source of funding or bursary).