Biogeoref2021 Hackaton win for our team!

It is with immense pride that we share that our team consisting of Ehsan Hamzei, Kimia Amoozandeh and Kamal Akbari have won the BioGeoRef2021 Hackaton, organised as part of the Spatial Data Science 2021 Symposium.

They have come with a very clever adaptation of techniques building on years of (primarily) Ehsan’s research, and have managed to georeference some 14,000 locality descriptions of species occurence records to a wonderful accuracy of about 10km – for natural settings and relatively vague descriptions, this is a wonderful level of accuracy!

Summary of method

The team will work on writing up and publishing the method next year, and would be open for new collaborations!

Congratulations, Kimia, Kamal and Ehsan!